Saturday, 16 July 2011

a very speshul #flatmarley


I dunno if you remembers last Christmas...well my good pal Karen Wild (@wildpaw) did ask me to say few werds on her doggy advent calendar bout a little doggie who was avin a hard time findin himself a ome...This is what we was sayin...

“Ello for you everyone it iz I, Marley Terrier, and I do say welcome to December, wot do ave Christmas at the end of it. This year, I do ave only one wish for Santa and that do be that my new pal, Scampie, can haz a nice furever home for hisself by the new year. Scampie do be livin at Bath Cats and Dogs Home at the moment. The peeple there is doin lovely werk lookin after my pals wot do find themselves wiv no place to lay their bones but I do not like to fink of him livin in a barff for too much longer in cases he is gettin webbed feet and quackin like a duck. Scampie duz say me he promiss to be a rilly good dawggie for whoever he duz be livin wiv and I has gibbed him a good sniff and I say to you he has “Marley Seal of Approval” and duz be tellin the troof. I fink somewhere out there is someone who can make me an Scampie happy dis Christmas and many more who can elp nice folks at BCDH. Woof.”
Bath Cats and Dogs Home is an independent charity and one of largest rescue centres in the country. We look after 320 animals at any time – including 130 dogs. Some find a home within a week, some it takes over 4 years. We’ll wait. Scampie came to us in the post-Christmas rush in January 2009. At 9 years old, and with recent signs of arthritis, we’re not happy that Scampie has another winter in the Home. On Christmas Day his carer Kirsty will be giving him a present, next year we want his present to be given by his loving owner.
He is a typical Jack Russell, a little bit grumpy and quite naughty so will need an experienced terrier owner. He is not a lap dog, but very independent. He dislikes being picked up, his paws touched, going to the vets, some dogs, all cats, people near his food and being muzzled (we told you he was grumpy!). However some of his behavioural issues can be overcome with time, patience and training. Despite his difficulties, Scampie is one of the most popular dogs with our volunteer walkers, but we want to find him a special place.
If you think that place could be with you, then please come and meet him and speak to his animal carer Kirsty. He is in ‘A’ block. Until that day, help us continue to home him – we need to keep his kennel warm, filled with blankets and provide food suitable for his age. Visit our site and click on the heart to donate or send blankets and food in direct. For more information here is a direct link to Scampie’s page

Scampie do still be lookin for his furever ome....I did even offer to pay for his noms for 6 months if anyone would take him....but he do not be gettin down and he be looked after by pawsome peeple....well, this week I did finally get to spend some paw-on-paw time wiv Scampie..

Woof...I am very appy to bring you this speshul edushun of #flatmarley and I do ope someone out there will find room in their eart and in their ome for Scampie...Marley

p.s. you can find Baff Cats & Dog Ome on twitter at @bcdh ....


  1. Bless you Marley for caring about dear old Scampie. I shall have to make sure he gets maximum publicity.

  2. You're a good furiend to Scampie, Marley! Anyway, we all get a bit grumpy as time goes on. Really hoping a special someone will see your post & realize Scampie is just right for them!

  3. Paws crossed for a furever home for Scampie he looks great why has nobody come forward!