Thursday, 11 August 2011

In da future

Ello for you...and bye for you too. We duz be bringin #flatmarley blog to offishul close tooday.

I kno sum of you is still playin the game and I do say fanks and ope you will keep playin and postin your pics on twitter wiv #flatmarley ashtag. You can also do send em by peemail to my dear little pal @alfielulu on twiter or by peemail to Alfie say me he will keep em for me....

Fanks for playin our game and I do let you kno that Dogs Trust do be writin to me to say fanks for the munnee we did raise for them. I say fanks to you too for that.

See you down the road....woof


  1. This has been a lovely blog to follow. All your fans will miss reading about your adventures. Love to you all XXX

  2. Sorry to see you go,have loved your adventures.Hope all is well.