Tuesday, 24 April 2012

We do be back

Ello for you. It ave been brort to my attenshuns that people would like to play #flatmarley again this summer.

I kno is some of you who do kno what to do and sum wot do be new to da game....so i am summarising for you wot we be doin.

Furst, you do be printing out one or bofe of da pictures wot do be appearin just here....

just click em and it gib you big versions...or also click the ones in the side bar wot do the same........then when you has printed em...you takes em wiv you where you be goin (like on your holiday or to the shops or to the Olympics) and you do be takin a foto of wot you is doin wiv #flatmarley pishure in it and then you either be postin em on twitter wiv ash tag #flatmarley or you be sending em to me by peemail  to marleyterrier57@googlemail.com ....and then we do be putting them all on this blog. If it be ard to unnerstand them rools then you can just be looking at blog posts below and you will get da idea...i will be trying to update the blog every day when we do ave new fotos.

MOST IMPAWTANT: is a fun game but we do like to elp out doggies less fortunate than we is by asking that every fur who do be plain do makes a donayshun to the Dogs Trust by clicking on da fund raisin linky over there -------------> or clickin HERE

....we dussnt mind ow much you is donation.....is no minnymum...but we dussnt post any pics unless you ave donated....and also we do say that we will be matchin your donayshuns to Dogs Trust wiv donayshuns to Terrier Rescue....wot be a cause close to our eart.

IMPORTANT ADMINS ISHYOOS: if you do not have a printer and do not be able to get the pishures then just be sending me a DM or peemail wiv your address and we do send one to you for nuffin...

TOP TIPS: last year our pal @alfielulu did make some lammynated #flatmarleys and they was pawsome to use.....

I ope you do be enjoyin our game. If you has any questions, just send me message and i do my best to answer...

Woof....appy playin my pals


  1. I am sooooooooooo excited to play #flatmarley. Mummy gonna print you out tomorrow for me.

  2. I would love Flat Marley to accompany me on one of my 'hunts' - he would probably do better than I seem to of late - and I am so pleased we have the Summer to do this, what with high escapades and frolicking about all over the place being a tad more restrictive what with this "drought" we are told we are having in Yorkshire at the moment - if it gets any drier here - I fear I may drown! x

  3. Great to play #flatmarley again. We will take him on our holiday again. Hugs